Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Reading Program Wrap-up

The summer is wrapping up, and school is underway. Hard to believe, isn't it?

In a rare, quiet moment among all the back-to-school hustle, I managed to corral all of the kids' reading loot from their summer reading programs. Although I outlined several programs here, we opted to only participate in two: the public library's program and Half-Price books. But as you'll see from the pictures, both kids made out pretty well! Here's what they got.

My 5-Year-Old's Haul:

from Half-Price Books
17 Books
from the Public Library
1 Book and coupons for the following:
1 Free Book at the Library Book Sale
1 Free Swimming Pass
$5 deposit when you open a child's savings account
1 Free Helium Balloons
1 Free Smoothie
1 Free Quiznos' Kids Meal
1 Free Taco John's Taco
1 Free CiCi's Buffet

*None of the coupons required purchases of any kind to redeem.

My 12-Year-Old's Score:

from Half-Price Books
8 Books
1 VHS Movie (not pictured)
from the Public Library
1 Canvas Bag
1 Book and bookmark and coupons for the following
1 Free Book at the Library Book Sale
1 Free Swimming Pass
1 Free Admission to Paintball Park
1 Free Quiznos' Kids Meal
1 Free Cold Stone Cone
1 Free Giant Cookie

As you can see, my 5-year-old is a bit more of a savvy shopper (and a bit less particular). She hit the clearance racks at Half-Price Books and found a lot of $1.00 books each time. Both kids wound up with a lot of new reading material and several treats. And we didn't even turn in the cards every week at Half-Price Books!

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