Monday, August 31, 2009

September Eating at Home Challenge

Lately, we've found ourselves wandering into restaurants and passing through drive-thru lanes much too frequently. All the usual excuses - we're too busy, it's easier, we're going to be out all day, etc. - are ever ready. But the truth, I suspect, has more to do with habit than anything else. In an effort to break that habit, we've decided on a challenge: No eating out during the month of September. No exceptions. No drive-thru coffee or oops I forgot my lunch and have to eat something stops. In the first case, we'll have to suffer through a caffeine-free morning if we don't make it ourselves. In the latter, a quick stop at the grocery store to nab an apple and cheese will be just as quick.

Hopefully, this coming month will not only break us of this bad habit, but also pad our savings account a bit and lighten our waistlines. Anyone want to join us in our new September = Eat at Home Month challenge?

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