Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Fun - Kids Valentine's Cards

This year, the kids and I made Valentine's Day cards for their classmates. We surfed the Family Fun site to come up with J's googly-eyed fish idea. We used some red construction paper from my stash and white cardstock that my husband claimed from work as it was on its way to the trash pile, and we skipped the googly-eyes in favor of drawing the eyes. On the back, we wrote one of the following fish-themed greetings:

  • I'm hooked on you this Valentine's Day!
  • Best fishes this Valentine's Day!
  • You're oceans of fun!
  • Hope your Valentine's Day doesn't flounder!
  • You're the catch of the day!

Coming up with a Valentine's Day card idea that passes an 11-year-old boy's inspection was a bit more challenging. We settled on a card theme. First, we sorted out all the hearts from our mismatched decks. Then, with a permanent marker, we wrote messages that had underwent an exhaustive search designed to eradicate any word or phrase that might remotely indicate romantic interest toward a girl. Or a boy. Here's the phrases that passed our 5-point-inspection:

  • You're a real ace!
  • From one card to another!
  • To the King/Queen of hearts! (notice, no "of my heart" here)
  • I'm lucky we're friends!
  • You're a trump card!
  • Betting on a Happy Valentine's Day!
  • You suit me! (this one was a hard sell, but I managed)

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