Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Frugal Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Release Your Inner Bombshell – Have your sister or a friend come over for a pinup-inspired photo shoot. The key to getting a suggestive (yet tasteful) picture you love is variety. Even if you have the perfect outfit that you know will rock his world, don several outfits anyway. And don’t forget to experiment with poses and backdrops. You may luck out and get the perfect shot on the first snap of the camera, but if not, you’ll have enough to choose from to ensure at least one keeper from the bunch. If you're thinking no way am I donning lingerie, try Marliyn Monroe flirty for inspiration. Find a pretty frame, and you’re set!

Let Me Count the Ways – Last year, after my husband’s scoffing at my announcement that I could easily list 100 specific things I loved about him, I took up the challenge and comprised the list in time for Valentine’s Day. Now admittedly, the last 20 were much harder than the first 20, but the look on his face was definitely worth the struggle! If the thought of listing 100 is too overwhelming, try 25 or any other random number that speaks to you. Just be sure to be specific. When you’re done, print it on nice paper and roll up like a scroll, securing it with a bit of leftover ribbon.

Scratch and Win – Here’s a great idea for creating your own scratch and win ticket. All you need is some cardstock or other heavy paper, a black permanent marker, and a red crayon. How easy is that?

Treats and Eats - You might want to test that old adage that the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If he has a favorite meal, especially if it’s something you don’t make often because you’re less than fond of it, a home-cooked meal might be the perfect gift. And for a terrific dessert to cap off the night, melt some chocolate and hand-dip some strawberries to feed each other.

Sports Talk - Rose petals and moonlit strolls might top many women’s romantic lists, but to speak your guy’s love language, you might want to break out something comfortable, something salty, and something sweaty. Of course, I’m talking about sports. If your love is fanatical about football, if he never misses a baseball game, or if he’s hooked on racing, why not look online and find some highlight clips of his favorite team. Youtube has a plethora of tribute reels compiled by dedicated fans. Even if he’s seen them a dozen times, throw in your undivided attention to the game, some tasty snack food, and a back rub, and he’ll swear it was the best Valentine’s Day ever.

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