Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the Sugar Trail

Ants, ants, and more ants! Every year, we battle the invading hordes as they come in search of crumbs, trails, and leftover kibbles. Most of the time, we put out some ant bait on the back of the counter when we spot the first scout and a couple days later, they're gone. Well, not this year. We've put it out four, that's right F-O-U-R times and they're still coming back. After doing a little internet research, my husband declared that we have to move the battle outside to prevent them from coming in. Easy right? There are tons of products on the market to sprinkle around the outside of our house.

Except we can't use most of them. Did I mention that we also have a goat masquerading as a beagle? Sophie will eat anything not actually food - grass, sticks, socks, rocks, you name it. So I'm pretty sure if we put out anything poisonous, she'd have her nose to the trail before we finished sprinkling.

Fortunately, we've hit on a solution: cinnamon. Apparently ants hate cinnamon. Of course, being a devotee of Myth Busters, my husband first had to test the theory by sprinkling a circle of cinnamon around an ant on the counter. It actually worked too! The poor little guy frantically searched for a way out without getting too close to the cinnamon. As soon as my husband made an escape route though, that little booger sped out of that circle. Now I'm off to construct a perimeter shield made entirely of sprinkled cinnamon. It's frugal and fragrant. Who can beat that?

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